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Digital Signage Messaging System

The Johns Hopkins digital signage system contains over 350 screens and is designed to support our communications with patients and employees throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine. This system spans across Johns Hopkins hospitals and community physician locations across the state of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Tampa Florida. Safety and fire regulations prohibit the placement of poster easels in hospital corridors, so the screens are an effective alternative to promote your event or service. All digital signage content is produced by Marketing and Communications, which has the authority and responsibility to ensure that the content is both accurate and relevant to the Johns Hopkins Medicine community. Each screen can display images and videos and can be automated by using scheduling and playlists. These digital messages maintain the high standards of the Johns Hopkins Medicine brand while also reflecting the organization's mission and core values, which include research, education, clinical care, innovation, and diversity. These digital messages may also be posted to clinical workstation screensavers where applicable.

If you are interested in posting a message on the screens, please submit a request.

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