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Apps Committee

To support Johns Hopkins stakeholders, the University and The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation (JHHS) have implemented a process that standardizes the review, posting and hosting of mobile or web applications (“apps”). This process aims to address the complex issues presented by apps in a coordinated, efficient manner that maximizes impact and minimizes risk.

The Johns Hopkins Medical and Research Apps Committee aims to ensure the apps in use or development by medical faculty, staff and students for medical research, education and patient care support the mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine. The committee meets on a regular basis to evaluate the apps submitted through the Apps Submission Form to ensure efficient compliance with legal, regulatory, branding and technical policies.

This process applies to anyone (personnel and students at all nine schools of the university and JHHS entities) wishing to:

  • Post an app to the Hopkins app store
  • Brand the app with the Hopkins name
  • Use an app for Hopkins activities (e.g., patient care, student evaluation, marketing)

One exception: Apps used in research must be disclosed to, and reviewed by, the responsible Institutional Review Board (IRB) committee.