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Outside organizations must obtain prior review and approval to use the Johns Hopkins Medicine name or logos in their publicity and communications in any medium (e.g., websites, white papers, case studies, blogs, social media, videos). Uses of the name or logos in material that serves a marketing or promotional purpose, especially that imply endorsement of commercial products or services or in ways that are misleading, will not be approved. Decisions regarding uses of the name and logos by outside organizations is a matter for the sole discretion of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

For policy on publicity about clinical research, see the Johns Hopkins Medicine Institutional Review Board’s Organization Policy on Press Releases and Other Planned Publicity for Clinical Research Studies.

Use of the Johns Hopkins name or logo by non-Johns Hopkins entities in their materials for products or services has the potential to create an actual or implied endorsement by Johns Hopkins. This includes lending their names in connection with Johns Hopkins services to promote commercial products or services, and may not publish case studies, or white papers. An actual or implied endorsement may suggest a relationship with another entity that does not exist or, in some cases, might compromise the integrity of the Johns Hopkins brand. 

Johns Hopkins faculty and staff may not be quoted, or provide testimonials, in outside organization or third-party (e.g., vendor, licensee, research sponsor, foundation) materials, including but not limited to advertising, marketing, press release, and promotional and investment material. Click here for more info.

All content and promotional materials prepared by a third party that refers to Johns Hopkins or any of its entities or schools must be reviewed and approved in advance. This is to ensure it is consistent with the use of name policies and guidelines.

Corporate and or industry logos and links may not be included on the Johns Hopkins website.

Regarding industry promotional or marketing materials or displays may not be exhibited or displayed at any JHM locations. With the exception of formal exhibit areas during an accredited CME activity and in accordance with ACCME standards. Please note that this exception is very limited.

Free pharmaceutical samples and vouchers for free pharmaceutical samples may not be accepted.

See: Policy on Interaction with Industry (jhu.edu)

The Use of Name policies and principles prohibit use of Johns Hopkins names, marks or logos in connection with an actual or implied endorsement of non-Johns Hopkins entities or their products, services, or activities. Actual or implied endorsement may suggest a relationship with another entity that does not exist and, in some cases, might compromise the integrity of Johns Hopkins clinical care, educational and research missions

For information about a specific situation, submit a request.