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Guidelines for Commercial, Non-profit and Individual Donors

Johns Hopkins values its relationships with donors, research sponsors, program sponsors, clinical trial sponsors, vendors, suppliers, consultants, and licensees, and encourages factual and appropriate sharing of information about these relationships.

So long as use of the Johns Hopkins name in their promotional materials has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate Johns Hopkins authority or the Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine and development officers. Donors may factually describe their donation to Johns Hopkins in connection with their public relations efforts. Preferred words include “Benefiting” or “Supported by” or “In support of” or “Proceeds are donated to” the Johns Hopkins entity name, department name but donors may not use any Johns Hopkins logos in connection with these statements. Do not use “Partnership” or Partner” to describe a Johns Hopkins entity’s activities, and any relationships with a third-party corporation, entity or charitable organization. Commercial support of JHM programs and events from pharmaceutical, medical device, biomedical and similar companies must be consistent with the JHM Policy on Interaction with Industry.  Support from a company whose business may reflect negatively on Johns Hopkins should be avoided (e.g., the alcohol, tobacco or firearm industry). A descriptor may be used, but no logos or marks to describe a collaboration, sponsorship, program or donation with and/or from a third-party corporation, entity or charitable organization. Please request permission here.