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4"x9" Trifold Brochure

The grid design shown here has been developed to create visual  consistency among JHM trifolds and to accommodate the design system components. This grid can accommodate all 4" x  9" bifolds, rack cards, double gate folds, etc.

The logo should appear in the approved color options, positioned on the grid in the  lower right. It is sized at 2" and should be consistently sized on all 4"x 9" materials.

The interior of the trifold may incorporate imagery, shape and color, pattern and texture depending on the amount and type of content that needs to be displayed. The same grid should be applied. If more columns are needed this grid will accommodate four columns.

The closing information on the back of the materials contains the signature (1-3/8" size) and the appropriate address block in a fixed position and should be treated this way on all JHM pieces.

4" x 9" trifold brochures are composed of several key components. These fundamental design system components should follow the specifications detailed in this guide. The examples shown are intended only to show variety and flexibility.

4x9 1

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4x9 2

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A. The logo is always placed in the lower right on the first viewable surface. Positioned on grid with ample clear space.

B. The grid has been established for 4" x 9" materials to ensure that all graphic components appear organized and integrated within the design layout.

C. Design Elements - Use of rectangular and linear elements to stage the logo, imagery, color and type. Much flexibility is allowed  which will promote creative, diverse solutions that will be different enough from one another yet cohesive.

D. Imagery should look professional and when possible should support the application content. Follow the recommendations described in this guide.

E. Use support color from the approved color palette. Choose colors that relate to the imagery and that relate to the application or audience.

F. Typography should follow the specifications detailed in this guide. Use the recommended font families. Type style and format may change as desired based on each application.