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One must be employed and or have an official appointment with Johns Hopkins in order to use a Johns Hopkins email account.

One of the easiest ways to strengthen your communication is through your signature at the bottom of your email. You’re an ambassador of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and we all need to protect the image and be professional in all our communications.

  • Email signatures should not promote or imply endorsement of a third party, or any unrelated externally-sponsored projects and gift-supported programs.
  • Do not include home phone numbers or personal e-mail addresses.
  • Do not link to outside third party websites or logos.
  • Refrain from adding quotes, whimsical graphics, personal beliefs or statements.

To make the process easier, we provide the tool below to create your professional email signature. You can customize the Johns Hopkins Medicine signature with the name of your department, division or unit. It's important to communicate that a unit is part of a larger entity.

Follow the instructions in the last step to add the signature to your Johns Hopkins email account in Outlook.

Do not alter the provided signature.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk *.

Optional fields include:

  • Department/Division/Center/Other
  • Building/Suite
  • Address
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Website - You can include the Johns Hopkins Medicine main web site www.hopkinsmedicine.org or your JHM entity/department/division web site.

Forward. For all of us.

JHM Forward Internal EmailSignature 1

The new Johns Hopkins Medicine media campaign celebrates and amplifies the meaningful difference that Johns Hopkins Medicine continues to make, with you as part of it, in our communities and our world. Add a Forward campaign image or text signature to your email. There are 8 options. 

Download a graphic of your choice here and read instructions on how to add it to your email signature.


Let Your Email Signature Be a Constant Reminder to Keep It Up!

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Add the new Keep It Up! graphic to your Outlook email signature and remind colleagues to be vigilant and continue to practice the precautionary measures that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19: physical distancing, universal masking, self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms and hand hygiene.

Download a large or small graphic, and read instructions on how to add it to your email signature.

Email Signature Creator

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