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Good judgment must be used when choosing images. Explore unique compositions, crops, camera angles and lighting. The examples shown here demonstrate the look and feel our photography should strive to achieve.

Images should be focused on people rather than buildings, to continue reinforcing the message that patients are at the center of everything we do. Buildings can be used when featuring a specific location or to promote an entity or facilities.

For photography or video that includes patients, be sure you have signed HIPAA consent forms from each patient included.

When choosing or taking photographs or recording for your project or collateral, always keep diversity of gender, age, race and ethnicity in mind.

image showing johns hopkins medicine photography style examples

Do not use clip art and illustrations (except professional medical illustrations) because they can be too whimsical for serious medical issues and do not reflect our brand characteristics of complete confidence.

Outside production companies, photographers, filmmakers and others who want to use Johns Hopkins Medicine entity buildings and properties in print, on film or in video should contact the appropriate JHM Marketing and Communications, and Media, Public Relations and Corporate Communications This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. coordinating offices.

Be aware. Make sure you have full copyright access to all images you are using, and ensure photos are high-resolution images. To obtain the full text of the law itself, visit Copyright Law of the United States.

Many times, individuals use images from Google searches for their presentations. However, many are copyrighted images and should not be used. Just because an image does not have a copyright symbol or branded watermark, that doesn’t mean it is free to use. Even if used innocently in blogs, websites and PowerPoint presentations, there can be consequences — and the cost of infringement is steep, potentially thousands of dollars for images.