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Johns Hopkins Medicine Websites

(including departmental, clinical practice, and individual faculty sites)

Johns Hopkins Medicine websites must follow Johns Hopkins web standards, which vary depending on the goal and audience of the website. The vast majority of websites should be designed, built and maintained in coordination with the Internet Strategy Team in Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Department of Marketing & Communications. The team will advise clients on practices that ensure information from hopkinsmedicine.org can be easily found and provide guidance on achieving search engine optimization, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accessibility compliance and digital marketing strategies. Johns Hopkins Medicine websites should not contain any logos, marks, diagrams/charts, graphics, documents, photos, videos or other content from outside entities, as this could be viewed as an endorsement. Information and support are available on Johns Hopkins Webcenter.

Johns Hopkins Medicine websites must be hosted on the appropriate Johns Hopkins department server to ensure effective security standards are met, and to ensure that Information Technology and Marketing & Communications staff members can rapidly access the site if necessary. Information and support are available at Johns Hopkins IT Security.

Faculty Clinical Practice Websites - Digital Formats

Johns Hopkins faculty websites, whether departmental or institutional, are the appropriate online venues for promoting and providing information about Johns Hopkins clinical practices. Private or independent websites, apps, podcasts, or blogs may not be used to promote or provide information about Johns Hopkins clinical practices. This includes not promoting commercial products or services or companies as it has the potential to create an actual or implied endorsement by Johns Hopkins. When developing Johns Hopkins websites, attention should be given to HIPAA and other applicable policies.

Any Johns Hopkins Medicine website must post the following disclaimer when linking to outside websites: “You are being redirected to a website outside Johns Hopkins for informational purposes only. Johns Hopkins is not responsible for any aspect of the external website.”

JHM websites may not link to companies’ websites, as this implies endorsement of commercial products or services.

Websites and Social Media Unrelated to One's Professional or Employed Activity

Websites and social media postings unrelated to one’s professional activity (for example, websites about a personal avocation or hobby) should not cite one’s Johns Hopkins title or affiliation in any way that states or implies involvement of or endorsement by Johns Hopkins Medicine. If there is any potential for confusion, the site must display a disclaimer of involvement or endorsement by Johns Hopkins Medicine. See section above for information about websites promoting Johns Hopkins clinical practices. Outside private sites may not promote or market a Johns Hopkins clinical practice or display photos or images, including those of patients, that are the property of Johns Hopkins.