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Core Principles
  • In March 2017, the JHM Use of Name Task Force was established by Paul B. Rothman, M.D., dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine. The Task Force committee reviewed the Potts Principles and other use of name standards and criteria and found that the Potts Principles should continue to serve as guideposts for JHM Use of Name decision-making. The Task Force reaffirms these principles as originally set forth. The Use of Name Committee reviews requests, provides guidance, and applies the policies and principles consistently across Johns Hopkins. This involves substantial fact-checking with appropriate groups (departments, faculty, legal, ORA, IRB, JHTV, purchasing, finance, etc.) and, in many cases, substantive reviews by the full committee.

    The standards outlined below and the content on this website are based on the principles set forth in Section V. of the “Potts report” (“Report of the Johns Hopkins External Committee on Institutional Conflicts and Use of Name”), which was adopted by the Johns Hopkins University in 2007 and reaffirmed in 2018. The Potts report is available here.

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine’s registered trademark logos or names may be used only with the prior written permission of authorized Johns Hopkins Medicine officials.

  • JHM personnel may cite their Johns Hopkins titles and affiliations in the normal course of their academic and professional activities, including publication. When Johns Hopkins Medicine personnel are involved in activities not directly associated with Johns Hopkins (e.g., independent consulting, other personal business activities), use of the Johns Hopkins name is limited to identifying the individual by citing his or her affiliation with Hopkins (e.g., Jane Smith, professor of medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine).

  • The Johns Hopkins logos or names may not be directly or indirectly identified with outside commercial projects or products. In a situation where there may be an unintentional appearance of endorsement, an appropriate disclaimer should be used.

  • Actual or implied endorsement may suggest a relationship with another entity that does not exist and, in some cases, might compromise the integrity of Johns Hopkins clinical care, educational and research missions.

  • The names and statements of Johns Hopkins Medicine personnel may not be directly or indirectly used to endorse, promote, market or advertise any outside commercial service or product.

  • Promotional items and apparel offered for sale to the public bearing the logo must be approved in advance. Click here for information.

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