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Appearances in Videos or Podcasts

Appearances in Videos or Podcasts
In general, Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students may not appear in corporate videos, podcasts, or blogs that are created for promotional and marketing purposes or viewed as an implied endorsement. This includes content, which will be shown at internal company sales conferences, and meetings, or which will be made available on the company website or social media platforms. Appearances in industry-sponsored educational activity should be consistent with the JHM Policy on Interaction with Industry. The Johns Hopkins name or logo may not be included on any materials or content produced by a third party, whether or not offered for promotional or marketing purposes.

Other appearances and activities
Research and educational activities are generally permissible so long as the primary purpose of the activity is not to endorse a particular company or its products, services, or other activities, and the activity is consistent with the JHM Policy on Interaction with Industry. When speaking at conferences, whenever possible, faculty, staff, and students should speak in general terms and avoid mentioning a specific company, product, or service in a manner, which could be construed to be an actual or implied endorsement by Johns Hopkins, a school, a department, an institute or other Johns Hopkins unit. For additional parameters around speaking, refer to the JHM Policy on Interaction with Industry