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The Johns Hopkins Medicine hospitals and principal entities are essential components of our organization, representing our commitment to our mission to set the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care. Each Johns Hopkins Medicine hospital or principle entity’s logo is linked to the Johns Hopkins Medicine symbol, fonts and colors. The logo is our primary brand identifier, and we always apply it with care and respect.

The horizontal logo format is preferred for print and digital communications. The vertical format should be used for stationery, business cards or official documents. In certain circumstances, the vertical format is also permitted for other uses, such as promotional items, signs or banners.

Treat all Johns Hopkins logo formats as artwork, not typography. Only use the approved electronic artwork. The logo should not be modified, added to or redrawn. None of the elements of the logo may be altered or recreated, including the symbol. Use only the digital artwork provided on this website. See Logo Misuse.

When promoting more than one hospital or entity, use the Johns Hopkins Medicine primary brand logo alone and reference the individual entities in text.