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Johns Hopkins Medicine Imaging and Recording

The Imaging and Recording Oversight Committee (IROC) and the Johns Hopkins Medicine Imaging and Recording Policy were developed to ensure that recording of audio, video and still images (photography) on Johns Hopkins Health System property and in clinical space have the appropriate agreements, approvals and on-site escorts in place. Many of these projects fall under the domain of the Johns Hopkins Marketing and Communications Department’s media relations, public relations, brand management and corporate communications divisions, which manage news media access to Johns Hopkins Health System sites* using a separate vetting and approval process. All other recording projects are subject to IROC review. All filming and recording projects by a third party need approval from IROC.

Policy includes the following Johns Hopkins Health System member entities: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (including Outpatient Center), Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Johns Hopkins International and All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. View the policy. (login required)