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Mobile App Branding Guidelines

When you brand a mobile or web application (app) with the Johns Hopkins Medicine brand, you make a commitment to deliver the look, feel and expertise of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The first step to brand an application as a Johns Hopkins Medicine app is to complete the Application Review Committee Submission form. This submission initiates a review of the app to ensure it supports the mission of the Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins University, and that it complies with branding, legal, regulatory and technical policies. To complete the form, you need a JHED ID and, if applicable: the invention disclosure, IRB (Institutional Review Boards) protocol number and any additional documentation available on the app.

Here are some general guidelines for branding an app: 

  • The name should be simple and short, and it should accurately describe the app’s use. When choosing a name, think about the app’s specific function and the intended user.
  • The app’s description should be accurate, it should highlight the features and it should be written in simple, easy-to-read language.
  • The app icon is the first visual element that people will see. It should immediately convey your app’s purpose in a simple way that anyone can quickly understand.
  • Every app must provide correctly sized icons to be displayed on a device’s home screen and in app stores. An app should specify several icons (PNG) of different dimensions to suit different screen sizes and situations. Screen shots with the correct specifications and metadata are also required for app stores. Full specifications will be provided at the time of Application Review Committee approval.
  • The home screen is the best place to show the Johns Hopkins Medicine logo(s). Before you incorporate any Johns Hopkins Medicine branding, complete the Application Review Committee Submission Form.
  • Johns Hopkins apps should live on the JHU App Store(s) relevant to your application:
  • Apple
  • Google Play

To learn about the apps currently branded by Johns Hopkins Medicine, visit Johns Hopkins Mobile Apps.