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The Johns Hopkins Medicine Brand

Our brand is a way of expressing our identity. It is made up of visual elements — typefaces, photography and colors — that combine to give all Johns Hopkins Medicine communications a distinct visual appearance. When used correctly, these three visual elements create a powerful and consistent experience across patient care, education and research.

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The emphasis should be placed on “Johns Hopkins Medicine” (the Johns Hopkins Medicine logo), which we define as the primary brand.

The primary brand strategy has a number of benefits for us:

  • It makes better use of resources by leveraging the use of our well-established Johns Hopkins name.
  • It provides new offerings and services with a “halo effect” that accrues from positive association with Johns Hopkins’ reputation.
  • It keeps the enterprise focused by extending the Johns Hopkins brand as a world leader in medicine.
  • It strengthens each Johns Hopkins Medicine entity, institution and service.

The Importance of Branding

The Johns Hopkins Medicine brand and its associated names and logos (together, known as our trademarks) are among our most valuable assets. The Johns Hopkins Medicine brand encompasses several names, including “Johns Hopkins,” “Hopkins,” “Wilmer Institute” and “Suburban Hospital” — just to name a few — as well as logos for a number of other Johns Hopkins member organizations. Our widely recognized logos represent the excellence and innovation for which Johns Hopkins Medicine is known.

Public trust in Johns Hopkins Medicine is best served when the institutional logos and references to Johns Hopkins faculty, researchers, students and staff members are used accurately and in the context of our mission to set the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care. Appropriate uses of the logos can advance this mission and reinforce the reputation of Johns Hopkins Medicine. However, public trust may be eroded or harmed when the name and logo are used inaccurately or to endorse or appear to endorse an outside product or service. Johns Hopkins Medicine actively protects its logos from improper and misleading uses.

Johns Hopkins Medicine as a Primary Brand

All branding – including but not limited to marketing, marketing messaging, communications, logos, signage and involving all the Johns Hopkins Medicine brands, – will use those names in conjunction with the broader enterprise primary brand of Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Emphasis should be placed on the primary brand.

Johns Hopkins Medicine primary brand that broadcasts the unity purpose and identity across all entities, departments, divisions, programs, and their commitment to excellence. The unified approach provides higher awareness and visibility of our brand position generates greater impact.