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Johns Hopkins-Approved Photography

It is always preferable to represent Johns Hopkins Medicine by taking original photographs. This will ensure that all legal issues are in compliance and the imagery will be unique to Johns Hopkins Medicine. An appropriate HIPAA release form should be obtained from patients.

Best Practices for Imagery

  • Johns Hopkins has a library of original photography available for staff member use only (see Webdam section below). We encourage you to view these images prior to selecting a stock image.
  • When using photo stock imagery, make sure that the legal requirements are followed. View copyright information.
  • Stock cartoons and clip art should be avoided.
  • Using strong visual images and photos builds an impression of confidence in our customers and patients.

NOTE: Requests to use Johns Hopkins photographs or videos requires advance permission. In some cases, use of our entities, university schools, or logos or symbols is not allowed in advertisements or marketing materials, press releases, movies or television programs. To request permission, please contact us.

Generally, photography or videotaping that is carried out by Johns Hopkins or its schools and is intended for educational or public affairs use will be permitted (subject to logistical and security concerns). Similarly, photography or videotaping conducted by a commercial or entertainment entity designed primarily for entertainment or commercial use will generally not be permitted.

Photographs or drawings of iconic Johns Hopkins buildings and landmarks may not be used in or on any promotional or advertising materials developed and/or used by non-Johns Hopkins entities without permission.

The names, logos and trademarks of Johns Hopkins Medicine or any of its constituent parts, such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital, may not be used in promotional video or other projects without specific advance permission of the media and public relations division, the Use of Name committee and the Legal Department even when permission to photograph or videotape has been given.

In general, Johns Hopkins faculty, staff and students may not appear in corporate videos that are created for promotional and marketing purposes to leverage or give the appearance of an endorsement.

Be aware. Many times, individuals use Google's images from searches for their presentations. However, many are copyrighted images and should not be used. Even if used innocently in blogs, websites and PowerPoint presentations, there can be consequences.


Johns Hopkins has a library of original photography available for staff member use only. When using these imageries, make sure that the requirements are followed. These photos should only be used for Johns Hopkins projects and programs.

Click here to access the Johns Hopkins Webdam.

What is Webdam

View a short video explaining the features of webdam and how it works.

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