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Logo Guidelines

The Johns Hopkins Medicine logo consists of the name and the triangle symbol.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine logo always needs to include the word “Medicine.” The triangle symbol should not be used without the Logotype element, as shown below.

The three-sided triangle symbol represents Johns Hopkins Medicine’s tripartite mission of research, education and patient care.

image of the johns hopkins medicine logo

The logo must be used correctly and consistently to reinforce its legal protection as our identity. The inappropriate use of other logos dilutes the name equity and effectiveness of our brand.

Best Practices for Logo Use

  • Never alter, add or redraw the logo in any way.
  • Never use other colors in the logos.
  • Departments and divisions should not create their own logos but embrace the one we have created to unify all our departments, staff members and faculty members.
  • Do not create a custom logo for specific purposes. This dilutes our identity.
  • Always use the primary files provided in this section for our logos.
  • All horizontal (preferred), and vertical (second choice) logo configurations
  • All approved color variations
  • The preferred use of the JHM blue and gold on a white or light background. This version should be used whenever possible.

The Johns Hopkins logos are trademarked and may never be altered or combined with another organization’s name or logo. This includes, but is not limited to, vendors, technology licensees, research funders, donors, commercial or industry affiliated programs, members, and collaborators.
Or in a manner that endorses or implies endorsement of a non-Johns Hopkins entity, or programs, products or services by a non-Johns Hopkins third party, is prohibited.

All required file and color formats are available for download. The approved, downloadable files for the logo can be used in all communications.

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