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Newsletters must follow the specifications detailed in this guide. The newsletter should have a consistent grid structure on all pages. Each newsletter has a masthead name, brandmark, a short description of purpose or audience, and the issue date. Masthead names should be consistently organized and easily identifiable.

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A. The brandmark is positioned in a prominent position at the top of the newsletter, depending on the masthead configuration.

B. A grid must be established for all newsletters. The grid structure may vary from one to the next allowing for diversity among newsletters. The grid will ensure that all graphic components appear organized and integrated within the design layout.

C. Design Elements - Use rectangular, circular, organic and linear elements to create engaging and varied page designs. Consistent use of color and type treatment will help establish a commonality among pages.

D. Imagery should look professional and should support the newsletter content. By the nature of newsletters, imagery may sometimes be provided by employees or patients, so special attention should be made when cropping and placing this content. Every attempt to uphold the quality and leadership that JHM projects should be made.

E. Use support color from the approved color palette. Choose colors that relate to imagery, content or audience.

F. Typography should follow the specifications detailed elsewhere in this guide. Use the recommended font families. Type style and format may change as desired based on each application.