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Merchandise and Promotional Items

Following the basic logo guidelines will help us maintain a high level of reproduction quality.

The logo should always appear in the approved colors.

The logo should also be legible, and the size should never be smaller than the recommended minimum size.

Always remember when selecting promotional product items such as lotions, lip balm, sunscreen, cosmetics, food and or any product someone could have an allergy, hypoallergenic or reaction to if applying to the skin or consuming, and the JHM brandmarks/logos should not be applied to the commercial products. 

Johns Hopkins is not branding hand sanitizers because of concerns associated with products contaminated with unacceptable levels of toxins based on guidance from the legal and the FDA.

We have local and national vendors that know and have been educated on our JHM guidelines/policies for promotional items and apparel that can provide quotes, and samples and assist you.

The Johns Hopkins logos may not be included on merchandise or materials produced by a third party without approval. Click here for more information about logo misuse.

For information about a specific situation, submit a request.

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