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Any proposed use of the Johns Hopkins Medicine name or logos by a vendor must be reviewed and approved in advance by an authorized Johns Hopkins Medicine official. Agreements between Johns Hopkins and vendors generally state that there may be no use of the name or logos, or the name or image of any Johns Hopkins buildings, employee or patient without the prior written consent of Johns Hopkins, and that consent may be withheld in Johns Hopkins’ sole discretion.  

Third parties with agreements may include the Johns Hopkins name in a client list of five or more, in alphabetical order, same size font, style, and placement, with approval. The Use of Name policy does not allow the use of the Johns Hopkins logos or logos, only the name, and consent may be withheld at Johns Hopkins’ sole discretion. The list must be identified simply as a “Customer List” and no endorsement of the company or its products, services, or other activities should be stated or implied by the institution of a company, organization, or any of its services or products.

Use of the Johns Hopkins name or logo by non-Johns Hopkins entities in their materials for products or services has the potential to create an actual or implied endorsement by Johns Hopkins. This includes lending their names in connection with Johns Hopkins services to promote commercial products or services. An actual or implied endorsement may suggest a relationship with another entity that does not exist or, in some cases, might compromise the integrity of the Johns Hopkins brand.

All content and promotional materials prepared by a third party that refers to Johns Hopkins or any of its entities or schools must be reviewed and approved in advance. This is to ensure it is consistent with the use of name policies and guidelines.

Corporate and or industry logos and links may not be included on the Johns Hopkins website.

For information about a specific situation, submit a request.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine name may not be used in exchange for discounted pricing or provision of product or services.