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Logo Formats

Shown below are the two designs of our logo available for download.

The horizontal format is preferred. The vertical format should only be used for stationary. In certain circumstances, the vertical format is permitted. Treat all Johns Hopkins logo formats as artwork, not typography. The logo cannot be accurately reproduced with any typeface and should not be modified in any way. None of the elements may be altered in any way. Use only the digital artwork provided on this website. Do not redraw or alter the logo.

JHM logo formats 03


Both Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital logos shown below are the official logos and are an expression of their full brand names. These logos share Johns Hopkins Medicine’s logo colors, typeface and Johns Hopkins name.

When Johns Hopkins Children’s Center opened its doors in November 1912, it became the nation’s first pediatric hospital affiliated with an academic research institution — The Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center serves a pediatric patient population, and its logo uses a distinct symbol meant to evoke a childlike drawing of the dome as a welcoming beacon.

JHCC logo formats 02

The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center is the building name and a location, and does not replace the name of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center is located in The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center building.

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital logo incorporates the multicolored blocks that are a recognizable part of their past identity. It embodies the stature of a leading academic medicine brand with the cheerful and colorful approachability of a children’s hospital.

JHM ACH logo formats 01