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Stewardship of our brand is a responsibility we all share.

At the center of the Johns Hopkins Medicine brand are our name and logo. They are the strongest visual elements used to promote our name and our organization. Our logo must be applied to all materials in accordance with the standards and guidelines developed to ensure that maximum consistency and visibility are achieved with every brand touch point.

  • The logo is available in two orientations: vertical and horizontal.
  • None of the elements may be altered in any way. Use only the digital artwork provided on this website. Do not redraw or alter the logo.
  • The horizontal logo should never be smaller than 1.5 inches. The vertical logo should never be smaller than 1.25 inches.*
  • Hospitals, departments and divisions must not create their own logo or other identifying graphic, mark or logo.

Questions about the Johns Hopkins Medicine Logos? Please submit a request here.
Questions about the Johns Hopkins University Logos and Brand? Click here.

Approved Icon Style

  • Two dimensional
  • Follows JHM color palette
  • Modern in style
  • Solid shapes
  • Simple, clean design
  • Images should convey confidence. Avoid dated or cartoonlike clip art.

*Special circumstances: If you need to size a logo smaller than 1.25 inches, please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a request.

Downloadable Logo Resources:

  • All horizontal (preferred), and vertical (second choice) logo configurations
  • All approved color variations
  • The preferred use of the JHM blue and gold on a white or light background. This version should be used whenever possible.

The names of Johns Hopkins Medicine or any of our members or constituent parts, such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center or Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, must appear on the initial view of all communications, including print, digital and video, so that they serve as an introduction to the brand.

Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine Enterprise Logo

The enterprise logo has been developed for instances when we need to represent the combined interests of The Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine. Johns Hopkins Medicine and university logos rules related to color, size, background and clear space pertain to the enterprise logo as well.  Use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us for review and approval of use.

The Johns Hopkins University Brand Guidelines and Use of Name

For university branding questions and logos, visit the JHU Branding Website.


In print applications, “initial view” refers to the cover of materials with multiple pages or the front of one-sided materials. For two-sided materials, the logo can appear on either side, depending on design.


Before including the Johns Hopkins Medicine name or logo on any third-party communication, or including a third-party’s name or logo on a Johns Hopkins communication, please request permission here.

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