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Design Standards

A strong Johns Hopkins brand relies on a strong design system that reflects and personifies our organization through an immediately recognizable symbol, logo, design and/or environment. Our design system is a cornerstone of branding efforts and includes productions involving logos, business stationery, identity systems and brand communication services. Everything we do should project confidence and justify the confidence of our patients and their families.

Through consistent identity, Johns Hopkins Medicine enjoys the benefits of communications, understanding and sets the defining perceptions people have about how we present ourselves to each other, our patients, our communities, and the world; we dedicate ourselves to serve.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine branding and identity guidelines have been in place since 2004.

Departments and divisions should not create their own logo or other identifying mark, but embrace the one we have created to unify all our departments, staff and faculty.

The inappropriate use of other marks dilutes the name equity and effectiveness of our brand.

Stewardship of our brand is a responsibility we all share. 

If you are looking for downloadable brand asset files such as logos, templates, strategic plan icons or photography, click here.

image showing various johns hopkiins brand design elements