Only individuals who are employed or have an official title or connection with the Johns Hopkins can use letterhead and business cards. Johns Hopkins letterehead and business cards may not be used by contractors or vendors, casual employees, unless deemed necessary by their department head for their work at Johns Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins stationery may only be used in connection with official Johns Hopkins activities.

General letterhead should follow the layout shown here.The position and size of the brandmark and address block should remain consistent on all general letterhead. Entity Names should be typset in Gill Sans Bold in the first line of the address block. Second sheets should be of matching paper stock with no printed graphics. *Note: Electronic Word templates replace Gill Sans with Arial.

JHM does not permit any affiliate and other institution logos or marks on letterhead and business card, and no co-branding. No graphic images or logos other than the Johns Hopkins logo should be displayed on the stationery. Alterations or substitutions are not permitted.

The official relationship affiliation tagline of the organization can appear in the footer at the bottom of the letterhead.  Under no circumstances should the Johns Hopkins logo or any of its parts be incorporated into the symbol of an affiliated or non affiliated organization.

image of johns hopkins medicine general letterhead

Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
Color: Brandmark prints JHM Blue (PMS 288) and JHM Gold (PMS 7406). The address block prints JHM Blue. This is a 2/0 print job with no bleed.
Brandmark Size: 1-5/8"
Typography: Address information - 8/10 pt. Gill Sans Regular. Entity Name,  Department Name if needed, is typeset in Gill Sans Bold.
Paper: Strathmore Writing, Bright White, Wove finish, 24 lb. Text
Printing: Offset Lithography