#10 envelopes should follow the layout shown here. The position of the logo and address block is always in the upper left corner as shown. There are two configurations to choose from. Use the best option for the amount of space and the length of address you have.

image of johns hopkins medicine number 10 envelopes

Size: 9-1/2" x 4-1/8"
Color: Logo prints JHM Blue (PMS 288) and JHM Gold (PMS 7406). The address block prints JHM Blue. This is a 2/0 print job with no bleed.
Logo Size: 1-5/16"
Typography: Address information - 7.5/8.5 pt. Gill Sans Regular. Entity Name and Department Name if needed, is typeset in Gill Sans Bold.
Paper: Strathmore Writing, Bright White, Wove finish, 24 lb. Text
Printing: Offset Lithograph