Use of the Name When Acting In a Non-Johns Hopkins Capacity In a Consultant List


A company MAY include in a list of its advisors or consultants the name, title and Johns Hopkins affiliation of a Johns Hopkins faculty member whom it has engaged as a consultant.

The company should include a statement disclaiming involvement or endorsement by the Institution.

A company MAY NOT use the Johns Hopkins Medicine logo, name (except to indicate the faculty member's affiliation) or brand mark.

Appropriate use example
The request: Dr. Brown is a consultant to Acme Biotech. Acme wants to include Dr. Brown in the list of consultants it posts on its Web site. Dr. Brown's consultancy was approved by her department director and the Dean's Office.

Analysis: While the company's Web site is in part promotional, the proposed name use is accurate.

Decision: Acme may list Dr. Brown's name, title and Johns Hopkins affiliation on its Web site, along with a disclaimer of Johns Hopkins involvement.

Inappropriate use example
Background: Dr. Poirot is an expert in pain management techniques. He serves as a consultant to a small company with a novel pain management product. The company's Web site states: "Our scientific advisory board is chaired by a Johns Hopkins expert." Dr. Poirot's name and title are posted in small font.

Analysis: The company is leveraging the Johns Hopkins name, when instead it should be featuring Dr. Poirot's role as an advisor. He has a relationship with the company; Johns Hopkins does not.

Decision: The company was asked to revise the text on its site to read: "Dr. Henri Poirot, professor of anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins, chairs our scientific advisory board." Dr. Poirot asked the company to add a disclaimer of involvement by Johns Hopkins.