Requests by Companies, Vendors, and Outside Organizations News Releases

Companies or other organizations that sponsor research at, license inventions from, or sell or license products to Johns Hopkins frequently want to issue news releases that publicize their relationship with Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Such companies or organizations MAY cite the name in a news release, provided that:

  • they have an official or contractual relationship with Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • they factually cite that relationship
  • approval is granted by the Johns Hopkins Medicine representative designated in the contract or another authorized Johns Hopkins Medicine official, and the designated Johns Hopkins Medicine representative has verified the complete accuracy of what is stated in the release
  • contracts have been executed before the release is issued if the text refers to research sponsorships, licenses or purchases
  • any human subject research protocols described in the release have been approved by a Johns Hopkins Medicine institutional review board

The release MAY cite publications authored or presentations delivered by a Johns Hopkins Medicine investigator.

The release MAY include Johns Hopkins Medicine in a list of customers.

Johns Hopkins Medicine does not participate in issuing joint press releases regarding external products or services.

Johns Hopkins Medicine requests to review such external announcements prior to release to ensure the appropriate use of the JHM name and brand and to ensure the releases are consistent with our policies.

To avoid the appearance of endorsement, the release MAY NOT include a quote from any Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty or staff  that is  produced and distributed by vendors.