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One must be employed and or have an official appointment with Johns Hopkins in order to use a Johns Hopkins email email account.

  • Email signatures should not promote or imply endorsement of any company, sponsor, vendor, licensee, non-profit, product, or any unrelated externally-sponsored projects and gift-supported programs.
  • Do not include home phone numbers or personal e-mail addresses.
  • Do not include third party logos or links that are unrelated to Johns Hopkins business.

Here are some tips to creating an effective email signature:

  • Textures in the background make the text difficult to read.
  • No whimsical fonts or graphics, or outside third party organization logos
  • Many organizations manually configure their email clients to block attached images due to potential virus issues.
  • Email clients handle images differently, and images/graphics have a much higher potential to be flagged as spam
  • Do not link to outside third party web sites
  • Refrain from including quotes or include personal beliefs or statements

We recommend adding a Johns Hopkins link to your website at the bottom of your email signature rather than a logo image. This adds value for the email recipient.

We don't recommend using the Johns Hopkins Medicine ( or any Johns Hopkins entity logo as part of an email signature. There are 3 main reasons:

  • The email has a much higher potential to be flagged as spam. We feel this can actually detract from your brand as well as cause disruption in potentially important communications.
  • Email clients handle images differently. Many will include the file as an attachment rather than automatically including it inline in your email message. This defeats the purpose as well.
  • Many people/organizations manually configure their email clients to block attached images due to potential virus issues.

One of the easiest ways to strengthen your communication is through your signature at the bottom of your email. You’re an ambassador of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and we all need to protect the image and be professional in all our communications.

Use the form below to create your email signature.

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  • Email
  • Website - You can include the Johns Hopkins Medicine main web site or your JHM entity/department/division web site.

Please fill in your personal details, then click Create to generate your email signature and receive instructions for installing it in your email application.