With Individual Faculty and Staff Initiatives Use of the Name When Acting In a Non-Johns Hopkins Capacity

Faculty, staff, students, and trainees may not be quoted in third party organization materials in the areas of their professional expertise. This includes nurses, pharmacists,nutritionists, respiratory therapists and department administrators, the majority of whom are JHHSC employees. Exceptions may be made only in rare instances with the written permission of an authorized JHM official.   To seek permission or if you have questions,  contact Jim Lustek, Director of Brand Management or use the Brand and Name Use Request

You MAY use your name, Johns Hopkins title and Johns Hopkins affiliation:

in connection with non-Johns Hopkins activities, provided the use of their names, titles and affiliations does not imply institutional involvement by Johns Hopkins; endorse or promote, or imply endorsement or promotion, of a commercial product, service, or outside company or organization; or endorse or imply endorsement of a political candidate.

When use of the name is permitted, but ambiguity or confusion about endorsement may still exist, Johns Hopkins requires explicit and prominent disclaimers saying that it does not endorse or approve the services or products of organizations and companies.

You may NOT use your name, Johns Hopkins title and Johns Hopkins affiliation, or the Johns Hopkins institutional letterhead, e-mail accounts, name and logo/mark if the use could reasonably be viewed as endorsing or approving a commercial or other third-party product.

Faculty and staff may not use the Johns Hopkins logo/mark on letterhead, and business cards, email for private, non-Hopkins purposes, including private professional activities, outside consulting or commercial activities.

The Johns Hopkins logo/mark may not be used on personal web sites.

Procedures, Guidelines and Examples

Many of the following examples of appropriate and inappropriate uses are based on actual requests to Johns Hopkins Medicine. (Identifying information has been removed.) This list is not exhaustive, and more information is available on the Common Categories and FAQ pages.