With Institutional Collaborations On Consumer Products

The Johns Hopkins Medicine name MAY NOT be used: with activities involving companies or organizations if the activities might be viewed as endorsement of a commercial product or imply approval of a private company.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine name or brandmarks MAY NOT be used: in connection with any promotional materials developed and/or used by non-Hopkins entities or any activities that are not officially approved by Johns Hopkins or one of its hospitals, departments, schools, or institutions.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine name MAY NOT be used: on consumer products, their packaging or packaging inserts.

Inappropriate use example
Johns Hopkins Medicine entered into a business arrangement with Advanced Cosmetic Solutions Inc. (ACS) under which the institution advised the company on human testing of its cosmetic products and permitted the company to cite the arrangement in a statement on the product and packaging. The arrangement provided for Johns Hopkins Medicine to be paid for consulting, receive ACS stock, and appoint a representative to the company's board of directors. The Johns Hopkins Medicine name was prominently displayed in retail sales displays and in ads for the products.

Analysis: Concern arose regarding the appropriateness of the way the Johns Hopkins name was used as well as the institutional conflict of interest generated by owning stock while providing consultation on clinical testing.

Decision: Johns Hopkins Medicine divested itself of the stock, declined a seat on the ACS board, and revised the permitted name uses in the contract with ACS.