Our Brandmark Misuse

Due to the broad range of application requirements, our brandmark is vulnerable to misuse. Many times, a well-intentioned treatment of our brandmark can be categorized as misuse. This usually occurs due to lack of awareness. Consistent and accurate presentation of our brandmark will reinforce awareness of our brand and ensure the legal protectability of our identity is not compromised.

  • Do not change the arrangement of the preferred logo lockup.
  • Do not redraw the logo in any way.
  • Do not change the font.
  • Do not use the JHM logo, including parts of the triangle or the dome, as graphic element or as a transparent background image.
  • Do not alter the logo in any way by changing or adding elements, or only using portions of it.
  • Never change the logo's color or orientation.
  • Do not apply a drop shadow.
  • Do not delete the word "Medicine" from the logo.
  • Do not create a custom logo for specific purposes. This dilutes our identity.

To help avoid misuse, follow the guidelines and standards shown in this tool and use only approved electronic artwork.