Our Brandmark Clear Space

To ensure optimum legibility and to maintain the legal protection of our identity, a minimum clear space surrounding the brandmark must be maintained.

The clear space is proportional to the height of the symbol, identified as "x". The minimum distance of clear space is 1/2x. This area should be clear of typography*, photography, patterns, folds, surface edges**, and page trim that would affect the legibility of the brandmark components. It is highly recommended that the preferred brandmark clear space of 1/2x be used whenever possible.

* An entity name set as part of the entity brandmark is an exception.

** It is acceptable to use less than 1/2x clear space when space is dictated by other parties or is very restricted. But for consistency, 1/2x should be the preferred standard for all marketing and design applications. The brandmark should never bleed off of page edges or be squeezed into tight spaces.