Graphic Design Standards Design System Components

The Johns Hopkins Medicine design system has been developed to help reinforce our brand and our message. It creates a distinctive and consistent appearance for all our communications, and because it is unique to JHM, it helps our employees and customers immediately differentiate our materials from other competitive organizations.

The design system is an important part of the visual expression of our brand. Consistency is important. By applying our design system in a coordinated and thoughtful manner to all communicative materials, we reinforce a message of unity throughout our organization.

To help create materials consistently and accurately, guidelines, standards and recommendations for the design system application have been created and are illustrated in this guide. Along with guidelines, examples of various applications are shown. These examples are for the purpose of showing variation and the flexibility of the design system in context.

Designers/communicators are encouraged to explore the use of our design system elements beyond the limited number of examples shown in this guide. JHM has several key components that make our design system; the brandmark, color, imagery, design elements (shapes), structure, messaging and typography. Together these elements create the JHM look and feel.

Preserving the integrity of our brandmark and design system elements through proper use will help ensure that JHM maintains a strong brand presence at each and every touch point.