Use of Name Requests by Companies, Vendors, and Outside Organizations

Johns Hopkins Medicine has relationships with thousands of organizations, including research sponsors, collaborators, vendors, foundations, community groups and others. To ensure that uses of the Johns Hopkins Medicine names, logos and brandmarks, when permitted, conform to the standards set forth on this Web site, guidance is provided for responding to several common types of requests from companies, vendors and other outside organizations.

Johns Hopkins Medicine web sites should not contain any logos, marks, diagrams/charts, graphics, PDF's, photos, videos, or other content from outside entities.   Content and the like from outside organizations could be viewed as endorsement of a commercial or outside organization's products or services, or imply approval of a private company.   

Limited exceptions may be permitted if, for example, content created by a government entity (e.g., NIH) or professional society (e.g., American Cancer Society) is appropriate and will enhance the utility of the JHM web site.  However, the JHM site administrator must obtain permission to use content from third parties and it must be clearly attributed to the owners/authors of the content. 

If a Johns Hopkins web site resides on a third party server pursuant to a contract with Johns Hopkins, the third party vendor's name may be referenced below the footer at the bottom of the web page. (i.e., "powered by") No vendor Logo, mark, or hyperlink should be present.

Third party vendors can link to us, but we cannot link to vendor web sites. Johns Hopkins Medicine does not control external web sites and has no responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of the content and does not endorse the information or its provider.