Use of Name With Institutional Collaborations

You MAY use the Johns Hopkins Medicine name and logo:

In institutional collaborations with other organizations in pursuit of the institution's strategic goals and when the objectives are consistent with Johns Hopkins Medicine's mission and values. The institutional collaboration and its terms, including use of name terms, must be set forth in a contract or formal agreement.

When ambiguity or confusion about endorsement still exists in an otherwise approved use, Johns Hopkins requires explicit and prominent disclaimers saying that it does not endorse or approve the services or products of organizations and companies.

You may NOT use the Johns Hopkins name and logo:

When the use might reasonably be viewed as endorsement or approval of a commercial service or product by a Johns Hopkins institution.

Johns Hopkins Medicine will actively protect its name and logos from improper or misleading use by individuals or organizations not associated with the institution and will assure that use of the name and marks by faculty, physicians, students, alumni, staff, Johns Hopkins programs and others is appropriate.

Procedures, Guidelines and Examples

Many of the following examples of appropriate and inappropriate uses are based on actual requests to Johns Hopkins Medicine. (Identifying information has been removed.) Some of the examples are hypothetical.