Use of Name Do’s and Don’ts

In evaluating specific proposed uses of the Johns Hopkins Medicine name:


  • Protect public trust in Johns Hopkins Medicine by ensuring appropriate uses of the name
  • Ensure accuracy and clarity by confirming contract terms and approvals of activity (for example, confirm IRB approval before stating that a clinical trial will take place at Johns Hopkins Medicine)
  • Support ideal uses: the Johns Hopkins Medicine name should be cited in educational publications and academic settings
  • Disclaim institutional involvement: When citing a Johns Hopkins title and affiliation in accordance with these guidelines, use a disclaimer if the stated views or activity do not officially represent the institution
  • Ensure transparency: Disclose personal and/or institutional financial interests in the company or product in question when citing a Johns Hopkins title and affiliation in accordance with these guidelines
  • Ensure appropriate application of Johns Hopkins Medicine graphic standards by reviewing the Graphic Design Standards
  • Obtain institutional review as needed or required
  • Ensure that permitted name uses are proportional to the arrangement
  • Ensure that Johns Hopkins has adequate control to guarantee accuracy: contracts should contain precise name use provisions
  • Provide for monitoring of permitted uses: include appropriate language in contracts


  • Don't use the Johns Hopkins Medicine name when supporting political parties, campaigns or candidates
  • Don't be quoted in third party organization materials in the areas of professional expertise. 
  • Don't endorse commercial products or outside organizations
  • Don't grant exclusive use of the name without obtaining institutional approval
  • Don't use or permit faculty and staff quotes in promotional settings
  • Don't abuse the name