Use of Name Background and Basic Principles

The widely recognized Johns Hopkins name and its associated logos, icons and brandmarks (together referred to as "name and marks") represent the high caliber of the Johns Hopkins faculty, staff and students and convey the quality and breadth of their endeavors. The Johns Hopkins name and brandmark are among Johns Hopkins Medicine's most valuable assets. Faculty, students and staff share in the benefits associated with the name and marks and therefore also share responsibility for their use.

Johns Hopkins Medicine refers to the collaboration of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation. Public trust in Johns Hopkins Medicine is best served when the institutional name and brand, along with references to Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty and staff, are used accurately and in the context of our missions: clinical care, education and research. Appropriate uses of the Johns Hopkins Medicine entities' names and marks can advance the missions and support Johns Hopkins' commitment to excellence in all of these realms.

However, the public's trust may be eroded when the name and brand are used inaccurately or to endorse an outside product or service. Even the appearance of an endorsement can harm Johns Hopkins Medicine's reputation for independence and objectivity.

Therefore, to uphold the public's trust in Johns Hopkins, and to maintain the institution's reputation and credibility, members of the Johns Hopkins community should carefully consider any proposed use of the Johns Hopkins Medicine name, seek advice and review as indicated, ensure adequate control over approved uses, and adhere to established principles and guidelines.Click here to complete the Request Form for Branding and Use of Name

Johns Hopkins Medicine actively protects its name and marks from improper or misleading use by individuals or organizations not associated with the institution and is committed to assuring that use of the name and marks by faculty, students, alumni, staff, Johns Hopkins programs and others is appropriate.

The information on this site is intended to clarify institutional standards, policies and practices concerning use of the Johns Hopkins Medicine name and to help faculty and staff "self evaluate" requests to use the name or references to their affiliation(s) with Johns Hopkins Medicine. Many of the principles and criteria are derived from the External Committee on Institutional Conflicts and Use of Name and recommendations that were approved by University President William R. Brody (review the report).

Basic Principles