Background and Basic Principles Basic Principles

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine's registered name, logo and mark as well as other names may be used solely with permission of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • In teaching, research and other academic activities, the name and marks may be used subject to the normal review processes established within the School of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, and their departments, institutes, centers and programs.
  • The Johns Hopkins Medicine logo, name and mark may not be used for purposes other than in direct relation to health care, medicine, teaching, learning and research at Johns Hopkins without written approval, which can be obtained by filling out the request form found here
  • It is Johns Hopkins policy not to be directly or indirectly identified with, or lend its name or the names and statements of faculty, staff and students to the promotion, marketing or advertising of any outside commercial project or product. Items such as mugs, book bags and apparel offered for sale to the public bearing the Johns Hopkins or Johns Hopkins Medicine name and marks must be approved.
  • Selected institutional health information projects and products that have been reviewed and approved by Johns Hopkins Medicine may carry the name or marks. However, such approved branding is not to be confused with requests by outside organizations to endorse a service or product by involving the use of Johns Hopkins' name, symbols, images, logos and/or faculty or staff names or statements.
  • When a faculty or staff member is involved in activities not directly associated with Johns Hopkins (e.g., independent consulting, other business activities, publications other than scholarly works), use of the Johns Hopkins name and marks is limited to identification of the individual by citation of his or her affiliation (e.g., Jane Smith, Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine). Outside activity must be disclosed to one's supervisor and the Office of Policy Coordination in accordance with the policy on conflict of commitment.
  • When acting as author or editor of a scholarly publication (e.g., in peer-reviewed journals, textbooks), faculty and staff members may factually cite their Johns Hopkins title and affiliation.
  • Faculty members, staff and others engaged in activities involving business relationships with third parties may contact the Office of Policy Coordination or Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications for information and assistance on name use issues
  • Information about use of the John Hopkins name or references to its faculty and staff in Johns Hopkins news releases, by news media, and in third-party news releases or publicity can be found here.