Branding Guidelines Why Branding Is Important to Johns Hopkins

In an era of mixed media messages, in which brands are pushed to the breaking point and complex marketing campaigns compete for our attention, it has become more important than ever to create an effective brand. Our brand provides strength to our institution.

Johns Hopkins Medicine can be represented as a unified or master brand that spans the breadth of our all offerings.

The primary brand is the focal point of our offerings and the central reference for our branding strategy. It makes it easier for patients to identify us, helps unify employees,  and helps us in our strategic collaborations with other health care entities and academic medical centers.

This branding approach is perfect for Johns Hopkins Medicine because it

  • Maintains a consistent brand meaning and message across a variety of offerings
  • Focuses brand-building efforts on growing and enhancing the strength of our primary brand
  • Gives us a stronger position and helps us with new business relationships

The master brand strategy has a number of benefits for us:

  • It makes better use of resources by depending on the use of our well-established Johns Hopkins name.
  • It provides new offerings with a "halo effect" that accrues from positive association with Johns Hopkins' reputation.
  • It keeps the enterprise focused by extending the Johns Hopkins brand as a world leader in medicine.
  • It strengthens each Johns Hopkins Medicine entity, institution and service.