Web Guidelines Use of Branded Commercial Products or Company Names

The content presented on Johns Hopkins Medicine websites must be accurate, up-to-date, clearly written, balanced, and easy to navigate.   For sites with clinical information, there should be references to the risks and benefits of medical treatments and procedures, contact information for patients, and other appropriate information.

Using a Brand Name of a Commercial Product or Company on a JHM web site and print materials

Under the Johns Hopkins Medicine policy on branding and use of name, commercial products and organizations may not be promoted or endorsed in Johns Hopkins or web sites as well as communications, publications.  Johns Hopkins websites may not contain text or other content prepared by manufacturers or marketers of commercial products.

  • Products should generally be referred to by generic terms (e.g., "erectile dysfunction medication" rather than "Viagra" or "Cialis").
  • Commercial brand names of products should only be used when the item is unique or there are compelling reasons to use the brand name.   For example, Johns Hopkins uses the product; there is only one such product on the market, patients recognize it primarily by its brand name and not by a generic description, there may be a reason to use the brand name in a Johns Hopkins website. 
  • Descriptions of the product should be generic.  Johns Hopkins web sites may not use a product or manufacturer's logo, content, photographs, images, or videos.   Links to commercial product or company web sites are not permitted.
  • Company names or product names  and logos should be removed from any images.
  • No quotes from Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty or staff about the device or product are permitted.

This policy applies to all uses of Johns Hopkins Medicine names, entities and brandmark.