#10 Envelopes Envelopes

Envelopes in general should follow the layout shown here. The position of the brandmark and address block is always in the upper left corner as shown.

Size: Various
Color: Brandmark prints JHM Blue (PMS 288) and JHM Gold (PMS 7406). The address block prints JHM Blue. This is a 2/0 print job with no bleed.
Brandmark Size: 1-5/16"
Typography: Address information - 7.5/8.5 pt. Gill Sans Regular. Entity Name and the Department Name if needed, is typeset in Gill Sans Bold.
Paper: Strathmore Writing, Bright White, Wove finish, 24 lb. Text or comparable
Printing: Offset Lithography

HIPAA Guidelines
If I mail something to a patient, what can be on the return address on the envelope?

Only the name of the sender/contact person, the Johns Hopkins entity (i.e., JHHS, JHH, JHU, etc), school and mailing address should be listed as the return address on an envelope or other mailed item. For example, an acceptable return address may be Mary Smith, M.D., Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, and the mailing address on the envelope. You should not list the name of the research study, a specific institute or the clinic or department providing patient care in the return address.

The above requirements do not apply to letterhead, since it is secured inside of the envelope. Additionally, administrative departments (i.e., those departments not providing patient care, such as Finance, Legal, Referring Physician, Access Services, etc.)
may continue to include their department name in their return address.

Ordering JHM Stationery items:

Stationery items play an important role in communicating a consistent image. Proper use of the corporate identity elements and adherence to these guidelines will ensure consistency among all administrative units, hospitals, services and convey the desired Johns Hopkins Medicine visual identification. Our professional corporate identification system is one of most important everyday marketing tool. The design, ink, paper all enhanced our image as it's all important to maintain consistency with stationery items as this demonstrates our professionalism.

Jeffery Press Inc. For ordering business cards, letterhead and envelops. Please feel free to contact Eric Levenson, eric@jeffreypress.com or call 410-922-5333 or 800-553-5050 | FAX 443-426-0141


These sites can be accessed through the Johns Hopkins emarketplace or you can set a user name and password by click on "not a registered user click here."

Professional Press: http://ssc.jhmi.edu/supplychain/forms/jhhs_forms/prof_press.pdf

If you should have any problems or questions contact: Carole Welsh at 410.521.2679, then press 3 for the Johns Hopkins line.

WebbMason's MarketingBenchTM is an online stationery and marketing resource tool for ordering business cards and letterhead. WebbMason online tool are available through a link on the splash page in the E-Marketplace.

Here is the link to our online ordering site: http://johnshopkins.mymarketingbench.com/Login.epm

Please feel free to contact your dedicated WebbMason account team, Don Yeakle dyeakle@webbmason.com or Jessica Wingeart jwingeart@webbmason.com with any questions.