Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Medicine Brand Center

The Importance of Our Brand

The Johns Hopkins Medicine name is iconic and reflects a brand image of excellence and integrity in clinical care, teaching and research. This site contains guidelines and other tools for protecting the Johns Hopkins Medicine name and brand and for encouraging their appropriate and consistent use, by faculty, staff and the institution and its organizations.

The site is divided into two major sections:

  1. The Use of Name section contains resources for evaluating proposed uses of the Johns Hopkins Medicine name by faculty, staff, the institution and external parties.
  2. The Branding Guidelines section contains tools for using the name and brand identity in brochures, publications, letterhead, Web sites, PowerPoint, signs and other materials. These guidelines apply to all instances in which the Johns Hopkins Medicine names, entities and brand marks are used.

Our brand is one of our most important assets. It defines who we are and distinguishes us from our competition. Brands are not just logos or taglines. Brands are the culmination of who we are and how we're different from our other medical institutions.

Through consistent use of our brand and names, Johns Hopkins Medicine will enjoy the benefits of improved communication with and understanding by the public we dedicate ourselves to serving.

If, after reviewing these policies and principles, you have a question or a situation that does not appear to "fit" within the guidelines, please contact us or click here.